Passion for Perfection

Malerba was founded in 1946 in central Italy, where two brothers named Antonio and Armando, both passionate about artisan traditions, decided to set up a company specialised in producing high quality design furnishings. It was a courageous endeavour, something that was completely out of character for that time period, primarily for the national market. Over the decades, Malerba expanded worldwide and was recognised for its attention to detail, typical of small artisan productions, and its original design.

Malerba is committed to continuous research into new materials and exquisite finishes to always offer stimulating new furnishing projects. Cabinets and complements personalise each room with refined elegance, and the different colour combinations create emotions for everyone.

Today, artisans use machines to guarantee greater production, but this is not at the expense of the brand's attention to detail, which is still one of its distinctive elements. Specialised expert craftsmen follow each process phase and ensure the quality of each piece, from the first production step to the final assembly.

Malerba is a company that embodies all of the typical values of “Made in Italy” and it can bring the world the unmistakable style. In fact, this type of Italian design is known for its high intrinsic value, which comes from high quality materials, and the timeless beauty that exceeds every limit to become an icon.