Night System

Night System by Malerba is a collection of wardrobes and walk-in closets created to furnish with refined elegance without compromising on function.

All of Malerba’s hallmark quality and attention to detail are focused on making wardrobes with hinged, sliding or flush doors that are made unique by original finishes. The interiors are carefully designed depending on customer needs with adjustable shelves, drawer units and shirt holders, all covered in leather. The wardrobe is not conceived only for its primary purpose of containing clothing. It is also considered a furnishing element that enhances the room where it is placed.

Malerba walk-in closets are intimate private spaces, a container for the objects that represent us to the fullest. For this reason, each element can be organized in an extremely flexible way, always with particular attention to finishes and materials to create an exclusive environment that fulfills every need.

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